Thursday, August 28, 2008

DIY Montessori Material : Inset for Design Set 1

I started to make this set since... I think three years ago.

Yupe, before I carried ZuYan and I was still working with young children.

I start to trace the outline, cut out then it was on hold till last year, completed in October 2007.

I use mounting board for the inset, cover with contact paper then glue on a board pin.

I was amazed by myself that I made it!

But it will now be a reserved set or might keep it at ZuYan's granma's place, so ZuYan got something to work on during his visit to grandma's house.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Number puzzle

I bought this puzzle and decided to make a change on it.

This is the original piece. Colorful and distracted.

This is the inner part of the puzzle after the numerals are remove.
I am yet to decide whether to do any change to this or not.

After modification.
Green color because the Sand Paper Number call for green.
With knobs make of board pin for pincer grip.

I certainly feel that the modified version is much eye soothing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Barney Pinata

For Zu Yan 2nd Birthday this year, since he is so into Barney recently, I decided to make him a Barney Pinata.
The head of the pinata is made of a balloon.
The mouth and the body is from this My Pony Children exercise ball.

The hands and feet are make from Coca-Cola tall cup.
I paper machier each body part, the balloon for head, cup for hands and legs, My Pony for the body and the mouth first.
After each part has dry up, then I connect the body parts using masking tape then cover the whole thing with paper machier again.
Let dry, totally dry, the paste on the colour tissue paper.
Cut out holes for filling goodies later.
Tissue papers are more difficult to handle and manipulate than crepe paper but I choose to use tissue paper because of the colours.
Then paste on the eyes, nose and mouth.
I am using 1 part flour(expired flour) to 1 part water and add salt to prevent mold for the paste.
Check up here if you need some guidance.

Zu Yan carrying the unfinish Barney Pinata around the house.

Zu Yan get my help to place unfinish Barney Pinata sitting next to him.

Zu Yan holding his plush toy Barney and the almost complete Barney Pinata.

Zu Yan filling goodies into Barney Pinata.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barney Garland

The homemade Barney Garland for Zu Yan 2nd Birthday Party.